The purpose of this site is to weed out the TRUE from the UNTRUE regarding collodial silver which seemingly has taken over the internet.  How did so much MISinformation get spread about this subject?

Colloidal silver, ionic silver, mild silver protein, and other silver remedies have been around at least since the Civil War. But it is the cottage industry which sprang up around colloidal silver with the advent of the internet that has spawned so much misinformation.  First, someone discovers that by electrifying two silver wires in a glass of water, silver particles appear in the water.  This is how the cottage industry got started.  This lead to internet sites advertising this as colloidal silver.  It’s actually not, that’s one of the UNTRUTHs that is repeated over and over again by people who do not understand the science.

There is a tremendous amount of real scientific information available on the internet from reputable sites like the National Institute of Health, and various other scientific journals.  This site will guide you to the real truth about colloidal silver, one of the best substances available today if made correctly.

Please enjoy the articles on this web site, and learn the real truth about what colloidal silver is, what it is not, how to make it properly, and how not to make it.  Note that this site is sponsored by the SilverTron brand of scientific colloidal silver makers, the absolute best and the most unique equipment on the market for the personal user.